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Four YouTube fitness gurus who’ll become your next personal trainer

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Mon Sep 11 2017


Not every student will have time or even the money to get in shape with a personal trainer. Even a gym membership can be costly and may be out of the way from where you live.

But have no fear! If you find yourself staying in a lot and forgetting to take care of your body, look no further than to the health and fitness side of YouTube to get you motivated. Thanks to social media and the ease of accessing YouTube, fitness personalities around the world can become your own personal trainer for free. All it takes is finding one you like and following them on YouTube and their social media profiles so that you’re regularly reminded to get in shape.

But with so many to pick from, we want to help you choose the personality for you. Here are some of the best fitness personalities online who can help you lead a healthier lifestyle today!

Whitney Simmons

Fitness guru Whitney Simmons has amassed a following of thousands thanks to her YouTube page which includes regular uploads of workout routines, dieting tips, fitness fashion guides and even makeup tutorials.

Whitney usually adds detailed instructions in her videos and carefully explains what viewers can and should do during workouts, especially if there are specific muscles you may want to target. What’s more, Whitney also explains how to use gym equipment so newbies can feel comfortable taking the first step.

Yoga With Adriene

For more than four years, successful yoga personality Adriene Mishler has hosted Yoga With Adriene on Youtube. Her channel offers a range of sessions tailored for individuals of various skill range from beginners to professionals. And with her acting and film voiceover background, Adriene brings to viewers yoga exercises narrated by her soothing voice.

If you aren’t interested lifting weights or exhausting exercises, Yoga With Adriene is a fantastic place to start. Although it can get intense, yoga can also be relaxing and best of all, you can do it at home! So if you’re someone with little time on their hands to go to the gym, get started today by working up a sweat with Adriene!

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender has grown tremendously since its early beginnings in 2010. The channel was created by married couple Daniel and Kelli Segars and featured practical videos with no frills. They weren’t afraid of making mistakes in their videos but today, their success speaks for itself — with more than four million subscribers, it’s clear that their straight-forward excercise videos are what people enjoy.

Unlike other YouTube fitness personalities, most of the videos on their channel are of cardio workouts. Rarely would they vlog or feature other types of excercises. Cardio routines you can expect from their channel include fat-burning workouts, kettlebell workouts more.

They have videos fit for people at all stages of their workout journey so you will definitely be able to find one that suits with Fitness Blender.

Boho Beautiful

Created by married couple Juliana Semenova and Mark Spicoluk, their Boho Beautiful channel aims to inspire and bring positivity to the world by sharing with viewers their bohemian lifestyle. Together, they’ve  produced many yoga videos with clear instructions that help your body relax in mere minutes. The couple also deliver simple workout routines beyond yoga as well — for these excercises all you need is your own yoga mat.

The couple constantly change their shooting venues as well. One day it’ll be on the beach, the other in an old building or a pavilion. That way when you exercise with them it’ll feel like as though you’re outdoors or at some beautiful location.

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