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9 items under $10 to spruce up your living space

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Mon Oct 16 2017


Bored of your room and need a change of interior? Re-decorating can be expensive and also be time consuming so to help, we’ve rounded up nine items that cost $10 or less which will help spruce up your room. Have a look and you may find one you like!

Smila Blomma

Lights play an important role in your room and having different types of lights can establish a different atmosphere. You’d be surprised how much lighting can affect your mood. This is why our first pick is an IKEA lamp. The cartoonish design will embellish your room and make it look a little more put-together.  The colour of this light is special because unlike normal bright and hard lights, this soft and warm light makes your room look more comfortable and illuminates it with a nice glow. Say goodbye to your old boring lamp and get this colourful one right now!

This lamp costs $9.90 and can be found in IKEA.


Make your room look much more inviting with a vase of flowers. Flowers, either artificial or real, can make great additions for your room and with a stylish pot such as the ones shown above, it can complement the colour scheme or a room or even add a colour accent. If you live near a market, it is a breeze to drop by every week for some flowers, otherwise pop some artificial flowers into the vases and make your room pretty.

The vases cost $9.99 each and can be found at IKEA.

String and Pegs set

We freeze our memories in time with photos but too often are we storing our photos on our phones. Instead, print and display your photos using theses micro clips and recall wonderful memories. Use some string and pegs to hang them up on your wall or above your bed. They are small and easy to use, plus they will not damage your photos. This is a simple way to make your room look much more homely, perfect for the nights you feel homesick.

The string and pegs set of five shown above can be found at KiKKi.K for $4.95.

Copper Wire String Lights

One of the easiest and cheapest way to set a mood in your room is through fairy lights. They are easy to install and when you are looking to change your room up, they’re easy to take down as well. Hang these on top of your desk or bed for some ambience. The warm lights are will provide a soft glow around the room for a cosy feel. At night, they even look like a starry night sky!

Find this exact fairy light on copper wire at a Freedom store for $8.99.


Looking to bring a more artistic vibe to your bedroom? This little wooden model might just do the trick. Put the little guy on your desk and to give your space a sense of artistic style. Of course, the model can also be used for drawing or even as a doll to play with if you like.

Wooden models can be found at IKEA for $9.99


If you are living on your own and missing your furry friend from back home, why not get a plushie version? Soft and cute, you can have it on your bed to cuddle during lonely nights or even on the couch to add some character to your room. The dark colours will prevent it from staining easily and if you ever have kids for guests, they’ll be entertained for sure.

The puppy plush toy is priced at $9.99, from IKEA.

Unicorn Chalk Board

On the hunt for something fabulous to help brighten up your room? This little chalkboard is shaped like a unicorn to bring a more whimsical feel. Not only is it cute but also functional when used near your desk. Take note of important dates or reminders with this chalkboard. If you are living in a share house, write down messages to your housemates or use it as a chore board.

This fabulous find can be found at Typo for $4.99.

Donut Candle

Need something that smells good and will make your room look cute? This doughnut candle is multifunctional! The cute design will brighten up any room, plus it will envelop you in the scent of cupcake caramel. Have one in your room and light it up at night after a busy day and relax. Alternatively, put it in your bathroom for a relaxing ambience when you take a bath!

You can find this candle at Typo for $9.99.

Iron Tree

This a very functional item for girls who have a lot of jewelry, but have no idea where to place them. Hang your earrings, bracelets or necklaces on this iron tree shown above and it will be just like decorating a mini Christmas tree! If you have a lot of books, it can also be used as a bookend to tidy your book shelf. It looks simple and elegant, suitable for rooms in any style.

Find this iron tree at your nearby Daiso for $2.80. What a steal!

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