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How to make the most out of LinkedIn to find job opportunities

Trinity College Foundation Studies

Fri May 04 2018


With the number of international students in Australia reaching record levels, the demand for graduate jobs is only ever increasing meaning getting your name out to potential employers is key. However, instead of slaving hours over a CV and impatiently waiting for email replies, it’s time to embrace the powers of LinkedIn.

A platform made for connecting employers with job seekers, LinkedIn is the modern resume, being an online portfolio of your skills, qualifications and work experience. Allowing users to network, chase opportunities and present themselves to employers, it’s the ideal social media platform for professionals. Whether you’re a recent graduate, start-up business owner or first-year student, LinkedIn is your next step in pursuing your dream career.

Using LinkedIn will give you the edge over your peers in Australia’s increasingly competitive job market. By utilising networking features, you can directly connect with local industry professionals and enterprises.

And it’s so easy to use!

Simply create a profile on the website, fill in your qualifications, list your skills, tell everyone a bit about yourself and that’s all! Your profile will now be available to all employers and connections within your field.  Don’t hesitate in connecting with people who inspire, interest or have mentored you, they may just help you get your foot in the door at your dream job.

But if you’re still feeling a little overwhelmed at learning yet another social media platform, we have compiled our best tips for making the most out of the wonderful world of LinkedIn.

Create a strong headline 

See that little line of information below the name? This is your headline and whilst you may not quite be the CEO of the company just yet, this little line is very important.

Your headline has to summarise you as fast as possible as it’s what employers see when searching for your name. So think of it as like professional clickbait. Use strong words and be confident in your title and the career you are seeking.

Follow your industry

LinkedIn creates profiles not only for people but also for companies. Company pages allow you to keep the closest eye on what’s happening, from new products being released to new offices being opened with potential hiring. It’s quick and easy to follow all the companies you are interested in or would love to work for in order to stay up to date and be ready for any new changes.

Get endorsed for your skills

LinkedIn allows you to list anything and everything that you are good at. And not only are you able to list the qualifications that set you apart from others but you can get people to endorse you.

This can be anyone, such as your friends or colleagues, and it’s a way of recognising and validating your personal strengths to anyone viewing your profile.

Make connections

Arguably the most important feature of LinkedIn is the connections. The platform allows you to connect with pretty much everyone, from other students your studying with to your favourite university lectures. By connecting with people you can gain endorsements, start creating your network and become more visible on the platform (and it’s really exciting to hit the infamous 500+ connections).

Invest in a strong headshot

Your profile picture will be the first thing anyone looks at when they enter your profile so it obviously helps to have a good one. The best option is to hire a photographer for the best results but it’s easy to understand if your budget isn’t quite ready for that commitment. Otherwise, pick a photo of yourself that is clear, with minimal accessories and shows your full face in good lighting.

This will help potential employers know who you are and makes your profile look just that little bit more professional.

So use LinkedIn to your advantage and find a job the modern way. Be willing, prepared and ready to accept the opportunities that come knocking at your door. To sign up and check out what exactly LinkedIn is about, click here for the website.

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