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SEXtember 2019: Bending Boundaries

Meld Magazine

Sat Sep 07 2019


Boundaries are invisible limits we’ve set ourselves, either by influence of environment or on our own. This year, for our annual campaign of SEXtember we want to bend those boundaries by inviting you to rethink and question all your perceptions around sex, sexuality and gender identity.

Look forward to weird sex stories, an educational podcast series, stories that guide and more. We want our audiences to feel comfortable talking all things SEXtember and as part of our commitment to the queer international community, we will be waving the rainbow flag throughout the entire month. The team behind Meld is putting a particular focus on celebrating the LGBTIQ+ international student community, a collective that is often overlooked or shoved aside.

Follow us on a journey of exploring sex, gender identity and much more. It is important to normalise these conversations in hopes that one day, all will be accepted. Since 2012, Meld’s SEXtember campaign has provided international students with a safe online space to learn and access useful information about sex, relationships, gender, and identity.

This year, Meld will also be doing fun stuff on video and feature a new podcast through our Instagram and Facebook page so follow us @Meldmagazine and watch those spaces!

If you have a story or experience that you’d like to share with Meld (but wish to remain anonymous) please get in touch by sending an email to us by with the subject header ‘SEXtember 2019’. A Meld representative will be in touch with you if we want to feature your story!

We also want to thank you Khiem Le for designing this year’s Sextember logo. He is  a PhD candidate at RMIT University school of Media and Communication.