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#WEMELD Meets: Jensen Ooi

Meld Magazine

Thu Dec 03 2020


Jensen is one of Meld’s digital reporter, he has a passion for music and lifestyle. If he’s not writing for Meld, you’ll find him reviewing and interviewing artist in his personal music blog.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself (name, major/career, a bit more about what you do at meld, etc.)

My name is Jensen and I’m currently working on my Masters in Marketing Communications. I’m a digital reporter that prefers the more lifestyle side of things when it comes to the content I make…especially music. All things music. I live and breathe music content.

Q: Why did you decide to join Meld community?

I wanted to further my experience in media and learn about what it takes to be a digital reporter. I believed that Meld’s focus on international students meant that I could relate more easily with the people I’m working with, allowing me to pick up on skills more easily and comfortably.

Q: What support would you like to see for international students? Is there enough being done right now?

I would like to see international students to be integrated more in Australian society, instead of being treated as a completely separate entity. Despite the cultural differences, I believe that international students have a lot to contribute in terms of knowledge from other countries that locals can benefit from!

Q:What challenges have you faced as an international student in Australia?

Being unable to really meld (hehe) well with the locals here due to a difference in culture. But in all seriousness, it would be feeling like people have a trouble understanding me due to my accent. There’s a chance where the problem could only be in my head, but it still gives me anxiety most days.

Q: Why do you think it’s important to increase the awareness of the challenges that international students are facing?

Due to our sheer numbers, international students shouldn’t be a group that’s ignored by most people in Australia. We have so much potential and knowledge that can bring to the people of Australia, and I believe we should have the opportunity to do so.

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